Our Aims & Objectives…

CSL staff and volunteers will manage and maintain Shrewsbury Road Community Centre to:

> Accommodate a range of activities that are relevant, accessible and affordable for local people

> Ensure that those living locally are aware of the centre and can access the information, opportunities and activities we offer

> Provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment that is sympathetic to their needs, irrespective of who they are

> Support local people to improve their health and well being

> Cultivate an environment of tolerance and the acceptance of difference

> Encourage active participation in the life of the local community

> Nurture an ethos of trust and mutual respect

> Support the development of new initiatives and groups that meet local needs

> Encourage local partnerships and networking that reflects the diversity of the community

> Ensure that we are democratic, accountable and trustworthy

We are committed to providing opportunities that are affordable and of benefit to local people.– CSL at Shrewsbury Road Community Centre

Our strategic aims

Health ~ Improvement of health and well-being of the local population
Learning ~ Improving access to community learning and training to raise aspirations
Economic Well-Being ~ Creation of sucessful community enterprise for the benefit of the locality and more widely across Worksop
Environmental ~ Creation of a sustainable eco-friendly amenity for future generations
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